Imran Khan has announced to improve the quality of life of the people of KPK, although he has initiated a number of improvements in education, environment, health sectors but none of these actions are any different to the previous Governments. If Imran Khan and the PTI really want to change the life of the people of KPK, than they should focus all their energies on projects that will get them extraordinary good results within the next few years. For KPK, such projects would include improving agriculture and farm yield, creating health tourism industry and a new airport in Peshawar. One important project that could help reduce poverty would be to improve agricultural yield. This can easily be increased by installing drip or sprinkle irrigation systems on all the farms. These irrigation systems have high initial cost, but they help increase plant growth and yield by 50%, while reducing water, pesticide and fertiliser use by 40-60%.

Poor farmers cannot afford this system, therefore PTI has to convince financial institutions and NGO’s to help provide financial and technical assistance to for installing this irrigation system. Since this system is guaranteed to increase farm yield and farmer income, therefore even banks can be convinced to provide loans. Similarly, an EU company called ‘Groasis’ has developed a special equipment called a Waterboxx that utilizes a number of technologies to help grow trees in any kind of soil and environment, with very little maintenance. The Directorate of Science and Technology has started a small pilot study of this project in Kohat’ dry areas. Focusing on such projects, the PTI can help bring positive change.


Peshawar, February 12.