a difference of opinion

S:     You remember that discussion we had on brutality?

A:     Where you argued that that we are a nation of sociopaths because we were beaten as children.

S:     Yes that argument, though I don’t remember using the word sociopath. Though, it is true, child abuse can lead a person to become one…

A:     There a difference between child abuse and discipline. I can't believe we are talking about this again. One spanking does not make a child a basket case.

S:     There’s no such thing as just one spanking. When a woman is abused by her husband, we expect it to happen again. Same goes with a parent smacking their kid.

A:     It's not abuse.

S:     Well, corporal punishment then.

A:     Can you please get to the point so that I can tell you you’re exaggerating once you’ve said your piece?

S:     Haha, yes. So I just found this piece of research that says there is short-term advantage to hitting a child to conform to desired behaviour…

A:     A-ha!

S:     But there are no long term benefits.

A:     Yes, because a child is an adult in the long term and we don’t need to track his behaviour.

S:     No Ameen, there’s actually a whole load of negative consequences in the short and long term. In the short term there’s… wait let me find it in my phone… yes, poor relationship between parent and child and aggressive behaviour. Can’t say you have such a great relationship with your parents, and you're quite aggressive with me. Shall I go on?

A:     *sigh* yes…

S:     In the long term there’s aggressive criminal behaviour, increased depression, anxiety and drug dependency, and an increased risk of spousal abuse.

A:     Look, all these can be explained by other factors. Like poverty or education…

S:     I agree, but it’s a very strong correlation. Ever wondered why we change when we are in a crowd? How a number of reasonable people end up killing and burning things together? It can all be explained by childhood beatings.