Islamabad -  A student of BBA at Iqra University has decided to approach the court for seeking the compensation amount of Rs 2.5 million from the university management for wasting his time and money in the name of studies.

A student named Asfand Yar Khan, son of M Mukhtar Khan, claims that the university management expelled him for unjustified reason despite paying the hefty amount of fee of four-year long course for the last three years saying that he was admitted violating admission criterion. According to information, the university management allowed admission to a student who was earlier not fulfilling the criteria. However, after receiving the large amount for the last three years under head of tuition fee, the management expelled the student from institution after framing unjustified charges.

The Iqra University Karachi campus took the admission to Yar around three years ago; however after the transfer of student’s father from Karachi to Islamabad, Asfand Yar was allowed to migrate to Islamabad campus for completing his education.

After issuing of the student card and completing all formalities, the management learnt that the student Yar could not clear all subjects in A-level exams, while the student was of the view that he was not aware of the fact; however, he was willing to clear the said subject in next exams.

Asif Jasra, the deputy registrar of university, maintained that the matter was decided by the Karachi campus, adding, “We already informed the parents of the victim that he is not able to get admission because of his failure to clear a subject.” He further added that the university will fully support him if student is willing to continue his studies. “This matter actually falls under Karachi campus and it will also be solved by the same campus,” Jasra added.