Our PM’s face keeps on looking brighter day by day, while on the other hand the average Pakistani has started looking shrivelled and weak, making Pakistan an ideal place for contemporary artists to depict ground realties. As the PM spends crores of rupees on his transport to and from England after his operation, the poor die from the lack of treatment at the door steps of hospitals. There could be no greater hypocrisy than associating yourself with the average Pakistani during the time of elections while living a lifestyle most can’t even imagine. While they promise to provide state of the art hospitals in future, beds have to be shared often with two-three people and the lack of equipment and medicine to treat diseases leaves many suffering and at a disadvantage. The CM makes a foreign visit every six month to get treatment for his cancer even despite the existence of a specialised cancer hospital in Lahore but since it is built by a leader of the opposition, he avoids to get treatment in the country. Our rulers, instead of being role models, are representations of hypocritical behaviour because they have no one to fear. 


Lahore, January 28.