Rice production in Pakistan holds an extremely key position in the national economy. Pakistan is the world’s 4th largest producer of rice. It is the second largest export commodity after textile and is the third largest crop after wheat and cotton which is grown over 10 percent of the total cropped area. Rice is a highly valued cash crop and it accounts for 1.6 percent of the GDP. 

Pakistan grows enough high quality rice to meet both domestic demand and allow for exports of around one million tons per annum. Regrettably, the rice export industry has been facing severe problems since the last couple of years and is unable to compete in the global market. The present PML (N) government has taken many measures to strengthen the economy of the country. There is a dire need in the current scenario for making arrangements to enhance the rice export. By increasing the export of rice not only will more foreign exchange arrive but also the domestic rice industry would be able to overcome the crisis. 


Faisalabad, January 24.