“When there is an influenza threat, drop everything and focus on risks from influenza pandemics.”

–Nathan Wolfe

Perhaps the most popular disease with little to no severe symptoms is influenza, more commonly known as the flu. The only irritant being the stuffy nose that demands to be cleaned in order to create a clean nasal path to facilitate breathing along with the sore throat that accompanies it which makes swallowing a much harder process than it needs to be. For most people, it’s a short lived illness that usually goes away in a matter of 10 days.

Little do we know, the seemingly innocent disease has, in the past, led to the killing of over 675,000 Americans and 20 million people worldwide during the 1918s. The amount of people affected and lost due to the spread of the disease is more than the total lives lost during battle in the First World War. It wasn’t until attention was forced onto medicine that the first vaccine, although not as purified as modern ones, was created in 1938 and due to further advances made, the methods of treatment for us in the modern world are abundant. Though one may not be able to guard themselves from the disease due to its extremely viral nature, it is important for a victim to be careful around others in order to limit its spread.