LAHORE (PR) - Moving on to the third season of Pakistan Super League, Lahore Qalandars has emerged as a franchise which is appreciated and recognized by its services throughout the country. Lahore Qalandars has continued building strong relationships and associations throughout these years. Another addition to the Qalandars’ Family is The Bank of Punjab which has joined as proud sponsor for the third season of Pakistan Super League. Through this partnership, Lahore Qalandars aims to extract a good response and both parties look forward to a terrific third season of PSL and the revival of cricket.

The Bank of Punjab (BoP) is very excited to partner with the Lahore Qalandars for PSL 2018. This would be a fitting partnership as Lahore is the capital city of Punjab and BoP is the leading bank of Punjab. Lahore Qalandars is a strong brand which invokes favorable associations. With the Qalandars’ large fan base across Pakistan, a marketing partnership with the Lahore Qalandars will help reinforce the positive brand image of BOP. With PSL’s global television viewership, BoP will also have the unique opportunity to showcase its brand internationally.

Lahore Qalandars and BOP look forward to a terrific third season of PSL. This partnership is a testament to both institutions’ commitment to promoting and reviving cricket in Pakistan. BOP and Lahore Qalandars look forward to building a strong team which will make Lahore and Pakistan proud in years to come.