The hidden secret of developed countries is only quality of education. 

If any country is behind as compare to other countries, they are suggested to develop their education system. It means a country cannot progress, without giving attention to its educational sector. Since education is more powerful than weapons, it is the way of developing co-economic justice. 

Keep an eye at top level countries like, the US, UK, and China etc - they had been struggling with their education sectors and they actually reformed them, so that’s why today we all are taking examples of those countries. 

But unfortunately here in Pakistan, the rural area’s children don’t know what education is. The only reason is the ignorance of government. There are no activities between rural areas children and modern educational platforms, that’s why they don’t know about education’s values. Given this, their parents send their children to workshop, labour work and other fields for earning money. 

In that condition here, no one is ready to take revolutionary steps to improve education sectors. Education is the end of poverty, terrorism, extremism, execrative, and education is the only way which can surly make the country strong. 

So that’s why it is the responsibility of the government and also judges to take serious and revolutionary steps, in order to improve the sectors of education. And, spread the value of education between rural areas students. 


Hyderabad, January 30.