ISLAMABAD - Former premier Nawaz Sharif yesterday said the people of Pakistan were fighting his case and had given their verdict in the Lodhran by-election against his victimisation on the pretext of accountability.

Talking to media persons after appearing before the Islamabad accountability court and, later, interacting with the party leaders at the residence of Chaudhry Munir, Nawaz Sharif said the corruption references against him and his other family members were based on flimsy grounds and when they realised it, they came up with supplementary references as they wanted his conviction at all cost.

He warned those who wanted his ouster from power to see the verdict of the people’s court in the Lodharan by-election. He added the people had the ultimate authority to decide someone’s eligibility. He asserted the people had buried negative politics once and for all.

Sharif said he was at a loss why he was being subjected to continuous victimisation whereas the man who had abrogated the Constitution twice and imprisoned the judges of the superior courts was allowed to leave the country. “Why is action not being taken against those? The people of Pakistan want to know the reasons,” he said.

The former prime minister, referring to the supplementary reference filed in Avenfield Properties reference, said he wondered how long such supplementary references would continue to pour in. He feared supplementary references would also be filed in other two cases as the main references had nothing substantial to convict him. He asked how long they would have to appear before the courts and face supplementary references.

Sharif, however, expressed satisfaction over the overwhelming public response to his call for the restoration of the sanctity of vote and establishment of the immaculate justice system. He said the answer to all his victimisation was coming from the court of the masses. PML-N would come to power with a thumping majority in the next general elections, he claimed.

To a question about Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan’s criticism of juniors in the party with specific reference to Maryam Nawaz, the former premier, instead of answering it, smiled and left the venue.

Sharif also asked the party leaders and activists present at the residence of Munir to speed up their efforts for the upcoming general elections and adopt the narrative of restoring the sanctity of vote and introducing immaculate justice system to provide quick and cheap justice to all.

He also discussed the upcoming Senate elections with the party leaders and expressed the resolve to win the slot of the Senate chairman. The party’s plan of holding public rallies across the country also came under discussion and it was agreed to keep up the pace of campaign for the restoration of sanctity of vote and establishment of immaculate justice system.