LAHORE: The release date of Zenith Irfan’s biopic titled ‘Motorcycle girl’ starring Sohai Ali Abro has finally been locked on 20th April.

Motorcyle girl is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar, whose first feature film titled 'Shah' was a biopic based on Pakistani Olympian boxer Hussain Shah.

The film is based on Zenith Irfan’s life journey when at the age of 12 she started riding. In June 2015, Zenith Irfan motorcycled 3200 kilometres from Lahore, through Northern Pakistan and up to the Khunjerab. The three week journey made her the first female Pakistani motorcyclist to ride through the northern terrains of the country.

Talking to this scribe, director of the film Adnan Sarwar said, “I have always targeted subjects which makes impact on people. When Zenith told me about her journey it really inspired me. I understand biopic in Pakistani cinema doesn’t have a good repute of generating money at the box office but every film is not meant to be a blockbuster.

“It’s a very interesting film and I have high hopes for this project. I have scripted a fictional world around the core true story of her journey and I hope that Motorcycle Girl will help further the cause of women empowerment in Pakistan,” Adnan said.  

Zenith Irfan said she never knew a motorcycle could hold such power. “My brother brought me a bike so, that I could go to university. In June 2015, I travelled from Lahore up to Khunjerab pass which was a wonderful experience for me.  Adnan Sarwar has purchased the story rights. I’m really satisfied by the  making of the biopic ‘Motorcycle girl’ and the filmmakers have made it beyond my expectations.

“It was the dream of my father to tour northern areas on bike. He could not do so in his lifetime. So this whole journey is dedicated to him,” Zenith said.

Sohai Ali Abro got motorcycle training and followed Zenith Irfan's bike journey from Lahore to Khanjerab during the shooting of the film. The film has been co-produced by Jami under his banner Azadfilm Company.