KARACHI - The police Tuesday booked Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) MNA Salman Mujahid Baloch for pointing a gun on the rivalry political party’s senior social media activist and his driver at Defence View in Karachi while an inquiry has also been initiated against the MQM-P leader Baloch for threatening a young girl who accused Baloch for allegedly sexually assaulting and blackmailing her.

An FIR No 48/18 was registered against MQM-P leader by a senior PTI leader Imran Ismail at the Gizri police station for pointing gun at a party’s senior social media activist in the posh locality of the Karachi – Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

Ahsan Alvi, a PTI senior social media worker claimed that he was passing from a narrow street in Defence Phase-II area when Salman Mujahid came in his car with police guards from opposite direction, adding that his driver could not immediately give way to Salman Mujahid vehicle to pass in a narrow street which infuriated MQM-P leader.

“Salman Mujahid got furious for not being given way immediate and pointed gun on me and abused me. Even his guards also did a same,” the complainant told the police.

Following an incident, PTI leaders including Imran Ismail, Ali Zaidi and Khurram Zaman approached the Gizri police station where a case against MQM-P leader was registered on the directions of the provincial home minister Sohail Anwar Siyal. The home minister Sindh also ordered to withdraw the security of the MQM-P leader over the incident saying that no one is above the law and no one would be allowed to take law into their own hands. The home minister also ordered Additional IG Karachi Mushtaq Mahar to investigate the incident. 

Separately, the Taimuria police of the district Central initiated inquiry against the MQM MNA Salman Mujahid Baloch for allegedly threatening a young girl after she accused him of threatening and blackmailing after subjecting her to sexually assault.

“The girl had approached the DJ Central who ordered us to inquire about the incident,” said Taimuria SHO Nawaz Brohi. “We have accepted her application against the Mujahid.” In the application, the girl accused Baloch for sexually assaulting her and making her video with the help of hidden cameras at the Parliament Lodges in Islamabad. “He (Baloch) called me at Islamabad on the pretext of giving me a job where he sexually assaulted me and even made a video from a hidden camera,” the girl claimed. “Then he started threatening and blackmailing her while demanding Rs 4 million in exchange of the video.”

Earlier, on the second week of the January this year, an FIR No 5/18 was registered with the Gulshan-e-Iqbal police station under Sections 420 and 506 by MNA Baloch against a same girl her mother and a brother in which the Baloch had claimed that the girl borrowed Rs 4 million from him with laming excuse of medical treatment of her mother who is a cancer patient, however, the girl and her family started blackmailing and threatening him after he asked her to pay back his money.

Though Baloch was unavailable for comments despite approaching him several times, however, he denied allegations against him in both the cases while talking to the media. “The girl is a liar and even I have an evidence while the matter is already in a court,” he told media. “Also, a fake case was registered against me at the Gizri police station despite I was not in the area when the incident occurred.”