Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber-crime Wing Director General Captain (retired) Muhammad Shoaib on Wednesday said child pornography has become a business in Pakistan. The first hint towards this business was the revelation of the incidents occurring in Kasur. However, no thorough investigation was launched as a result which not only created space for more of these criminals but also prevented the masses from knowing how deep the problem runs in our society. The major problem here is that authorities have not fully comprehended the use of a tool like an internet. While there are many positive sides to it, many also use it to manipulate people especially children and women.

The FIA has confirmed that this business does not just function locally but has links with international child pornography rings. The agency has arrested over 20 suspects so far in relation to these crimes and some have also been granted bails. With crimes like these, the agency requires a comprehensive framework which targets specifically this crime. This will help speed up the process of investigation and will also enable the authorities to legislate regarding the matter. There is also a need to collaborate with foreign investigation agencies which can help point out the linkages here in Pakistan.

At this point, the most effective method for preventing this crime is awareness campaigns. Parents and children both need to be alerted of the crime being committed. There is also a need to help direct the affected families to the relevant authorities. The only reason that such a crime perpetuates is due to the fear of losing honour of the family. With the government’s help, the families can be taken into confidence with the assurance of strict punishment for the perpetrators of such a heinous crime. If caution becomes part of the everyday narrative and reporting is not feared, the crime can be significantly reduced.