Imran-led government initially promised its voters that the regime would ultimately work for educational reforms. However, the number of out of school children is skyrocketing. Approximately 23 million children are out of school around the country.

Pakistan is, no doubt, confronted with many problems both externally and internally. However, educational improvement and policies are always neglected. The country is currently acquiring financial assistance from neighboring states to improve its socio-economic conditions. However, considering the educational quagmire in the country, investing in education is the need of the hour. Without revamping and establishing education policies, the country’s economic and educational progress is impossible.

It is also another reality that infrastructure of overall government schools of the country is not up to the mark. How would there be any enrollment when the schools are in such a poor condition? Building new schools and recruiting more teachers is absolutely necessary.

It is about time the PTI government fulfills its due promise and ensures that each out-of-school child gets the best opportunity to gain education.


Shikarpur, January 27.