ISLAMABAD - I Am Pakistan Worldwide Movement (IAPWM), a movement of expatriate Pakistanis, will raise enough funds for construction of water reservoirs in Pakistan, told founder member of the movement Ahmed Ali Syed on Wednesday.

Consequential to his meeting with former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Syed said that rumours were being spread on social media that the former CJ Nisar would be leaving Pakistan for United Kingdom.

In discussion with him, the former CJ dispelled such impressions and said that he would stay in Pakistan till his death, Syed added.

He said this in a press conference aimed at creating awareness among Pakistanis regarding contribution to Supreme Court of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dam fund.

Top court’s senior lawyer Advocate Naeem Bukhari and former Additional Attorney General Syed Nayyar Rizvi also talked to the media.

All the three speakers negated the rumours of social media that former CJ is leaving Pakistan for UK.

Rizvi said that former CJ’s motive is to play his role in three sectors including steps to eliminate water scarcity, education and health.

They said that the former CJ Nisar has refused to get any post neither he is interested in any post adding that a post does not require playing positive role for the country.  Advocate Bukhari said that the dams if constructed will not only meet the requirement of water but also the requirement of electricity.

Regarding transparency of funds, donated by overseas Pakistanis, Rizvi said that each and every aspect is being looked into by a five-judge bench of Supreme Court and its website will show the expenditure of single penny.

He recalled that Nisar’s visit to UK, when he was chief justice, gave benefit of 7.9 pound sterling to the dam fund.

He further said that he intends to hold meeting with incumbent Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa for the cause.

Syed said that the IAPWM has been spread worldwide in short span of three months adding that the forum also has representation in North America, South America, Japan and Korea. He added that the forum has no account and it is founded only for the purpose of making awareness worldwide and the donated funds directly credited to the account opened by Supreme Court. He suggested that fund for construction of dams can be collected in short span of time if an overseas Pakistani contributes USD 16.

He also lamented on the negative behaviour of Pakistanis on forum’s activities to facilitate donors. He categorically said that the IAPWM is not a political, non religious and not a profit generating organisation. 

He said that the negative forces are not ready to let the country built the reservoirs. He said that government has full support with the forum in this cause and representatives of ruling party including Faisal Javed are accompanying former CJ on his visit to Canada for collecting dam funds.