YouTube was activated on 14 February 2005. It was a very small startup started by three former PayPal employees in a small garage. Within a few months, YouTube got its first million-hit video. Soon after, Google saw that YouTube had a lot of potential and proceeded to acquire it in 2006 for $ 1.65 Billion. At that point, google called it the “next step in the evolution of the internet”. As YouTube continued to gain traction, they introduced advertisements to allow people to get paid for their viral content, and within a year people started earning six-figure incomes via YouTube.

As YouTube became more mainstream in 2009, YouTube creators soon started doing sponsored videos for various brands. YouTube became increasingly important as the US congress created official YouTube channels to help American citizens gain access to the government in a way they never did before. It was used during the 2008 US Presidential campaign by the candidates to announce their respective campaigns. YouTube’s key role in politics became even more pronounced as it was used by activists during the Arab Spring movement in 2011 to accelerate and gain more followers for their movements.

Today, YouTube is the world’s most popular online video website with 4 billions hours of video each month and over a billion users. YouTube is now used as a platform for original content as celebrities, bloggers and influencers use it to build a fan-following and earn money increasingly.