KAMALIA - PTI leader Haider Ali Khan Kharal said that the mission of the PTI government to eliminate corruption from the country shall be kept alive. “Without the end of corruption, the dream of prosperity and success cannot be achieved. There will be no compromise on the call for accountability raised by the PTI government and the corrupt will never be forgiven,” he announced. Former candidate Nation Assembly Haider Ali Khan Kharal was expressing his views on PTI progress agenda at Press Club Kamalia the other day. “No effort will be spared in promoting trade, industry, education, health, sports, building and developing and the public prosperity,” he stated. He asked the businessmen, traders and the people to be steadfast as the country will soon be moving towards a better future. “The goals of Pakistan’s progress and enhanced national system and these goals can only be achieved by implementing the standards of Medina upon our current system,” he said.

PTI leader alleged that the PML-N is using PAC as a shield to avoid accountability. “The current opposition is the most unethical opposition of the country’s history. It is not only the government but also the opposition’s responsibility to run the parliamentary system,” he said.