A Foreign Service Academy Islamabad delegation of under-training diplomats from 15 friendly states visited Punjab Safe Cities Authority. The 25-member delegation had in it young diplomats from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Tajikistan, Maldives, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Guatemala, Iraq, Liberia, Nepal, Papa New Guinea, Samoa, Sri Lanka and Sudan. At PSCA, Chief Administrative Officer Muhammad Kamran Khan received and briefed the delegation about the project. The diplomats praised the success of the project and termed it an achievement. This is indeed an improved security profile of Pakistan, said the visitors.  At this moment, the CAO apprised the delegation about the project being unique in a sense that it employed largest number of youths so far than any comparable project anywhere in the world. “We also have a moderately capable media monitoring centre that also keeps an eye on Pakistani cyberspace, he added. The visit was concluded with the presentation of souvenir shield to the delegation.–