Extention of cheif of army staff and forming its act approved by puppet government and oppositions, both are highly condemned. Before the election, PM Imran Khan made tall promises of good governance by activing democracy through independent of institutions.

However, he completely fails to achieve anyone of his made promises. But he also form his kingdom by consiladition of army to make more powerful and successful his regime. In history, every elected incumbent has exalted the military in order to be a influential. Likewise, Z. A Bhutto selected General Zia ul Haq, Nawaz Sharif in 1998, chosed Pervaiz Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari given extension to Pervaiz Kiyani. Unfortunately, this government also needs support by envolving the military.

There are many examples of highly involvement of army in civil and government secrtors like ISPR released statement in Tajar protest and other demonstrations last year. “Every nation have a army” but once Nehru said “Pakistan army have a nation”.

How much time we will be crippled under this form of government where there is regular intervene of military. How this country will make progress without transparency and equality? Why only army is preferred many times as compare to other institutions? Are we all equal in this form of government where army has given 64 age limit in service or extension and judges get retired at their time? May Allah save my country from power greeds! Ameen.

Every citizen and government employee of Pakistan must be treated equally before the law, not army should be given superiority. Will judiciary halt this unkind actions that are against the law.