LAHORE                 -             DJ Turhan James is set to make his mark on 2020 as he already started it by performing some heavy-duty beats on the New Year’s Eve party organized by Velo Pakistan.

Now, with a growing name among the local DJs, James is looking to hit big as he is ready to perform at two major festivals very soon.

On February 15, a day after Valentine’s, the LA-hitmaker is set to perform at Solis Music Festival in Islamabad. Then on March 5, he is set to rock it on the international stage at Ultra Abu Dhabi in the UAE. The Ultra Abu Dhabi festival is one of the best two-day events held in the UAE boasting the world’s top EDM DJs. To be performing there at the Ultra-Park Stage with top-tier production and insane stage designs is not only an honor, but also a testament to James’ popularity and skills as a DJ.  The young DJ remains one of the major attractions at both huge festivals. Over the last couple of years, one must have listened to LA or Feel Alive, Wicked Ways and Amsterdam, or of the name Turhan James. But now with the DJ being in high demand, one can associate the name with the face. The deep house and dance-pop synthetic vibes definitely put you in a mellow trance. The audience floats just above the dance floor in rhythm to James’ beats.