ISLAMABAD       -        Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr Fehmida Mirza has lauded Balochistan’s female players for their tremendous performance in the South Asian Games (SAG) and taekwondo championships and said that their confidence can be boosted by providing them international exposure and coaches.

During her meeting with Pakistan’s ambassador to South Korea Mumtaz Zahra Baloch on Thursday, Fehmida congratulated the ambassador for her new assignment and said that Islamabad and Seoul have been enjoying cordial relations for the last several decades.

Fehmida urged that the ambassador can play an important role in signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Seoul and Islamabad regarding mutual cooperation in sports and tourism, as the agreement would include provisions regarding visits of South Korean players to Pakistan and training to our coaches and athletes.

The Minister highlighted that the trainings will provide international exposure and motivation to our athletes. “Pakistan gives immense importance to its friendly relations with South Korea and wants to expand it even further in all the fields, particularly in sports and tourism. The trainings to our athletes will help in boosting their confidence level and projecting a soft image of the country through sports diplomacy,” she said. “It is very encouraging to see our women excelling in all spheres. Females have always proven themselves to be very efficient diplomats. They work with great zeal and create a difference through assigned tasks,” she added.

Fehmida lamented that sports and tourism have never been given due attention. “Sports and tourism must be given more attention, as these departments can prove to be very effective in enhancing relations with other countries and getting benefits for our country. As our youngsters have potential in sports, efforts should be made to groom them for the benefit of the country. The ambassador can seek help from Seoul regarding development of sports infrastructure like football grounds and sports academies, particularly in Balochistan,” Fehmida concluded.  The ambassador also assured that she would strive to boost cordial relations with South Korea and develop cooperation between the countries in sports and tourism.