ABBOTTABAD - The National Highways Authority (NHA) on Thursday released Rs60 million grant for the wid­ening of Salhad to Vege­table and Fruit Market Abbottabad Road.

According to the de­tails, the NHA released the grant and also awarded the contract for the Karakoram Highway (KKH) widening project from Salhad to Vegeta­ble and Fruit Market Ab­bottabad, which is locally known as “Mandi More”.

The District Adminis­tration Abbottabad and Tehsil Municipal Admin­istration (TMA) also in­formed Vegetable and Fruit Market traders that a certain part of the mar­ket would be used for road widening project.

People of Abbottabad appreciated the NHA and district administration for the start of the Man­di More widening proj­ect, which caused dozens of deaths during last few years and created a hur­dle for traffic flow during rush hours.

Mandi More widening project was long-awaited as the narrow and steep curve not only caused numerous road accidents that resulted in taking lives of dozens of people during the rush hours. Particularly in the winter season Mandi More sec­tion of KKH causes traffic jam for hours.