LAHORE - Following the uproar over giving additional marks to CJ's daughter, and then disclosure of controversial admission of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter to medial college and subsequent migration to King Edward Medical college, now migration case of PML-N secretary information Ahsan Iqbal is in question. In political circles, it is being claimed that Ahsan Iqbal used political influence to get his migration from University College of Engineering, Taxila to University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Minutes of Syndicate the meeting that allowed the migration also attest to these claims. The minutes of the syndicate meeting held on May 11, 1978 are as follows: "The syndicate was apprised of the migration rules from one Engineering Institution to another. However, it was informed that there was no provision for migration between the two campuses because students were admitted to one or another according to their merit in the FSc examination. "The syndicate then discussed the circumstances of the student whose father, an Engineer, died in Saudi Arabia and left behind a widow and four children. His mother is not in a position to maintain herself and look after the children in Lahore by herself. In view of these hard circumstances faced by the family, the syndicate allowed migration to Mr Ahsan Iqbal Ch , Regr. No 76-UCET-18 from Taxila to Lahore campus on compassionate grounds. Despite repeated contacts, Ahsan Iqbal could not be available to give his version over the issue.