These day’s blatant disinformation and white lies are being aired on some TV channels in such statements that Sindh would become barren if Kalabagh Dam was built. In this age of information, how is it possible to telecast such baseless ideas that a dam built to store water during 70 days of snow melt and glacier melt and also rain water could make Sindh barren. The Water Accord of 1991 allows Sindh to draw water as equal share to Punjab i.e. 37 percent each in spite of the tact that Punjab has 73 percent of total irrigated area of Pakistan and Sindh has only 15 percent.

It is a historic fact that mega Dams were built by strong central governments like that of Aswan High Dam on Nile in Egypt by President Nasser and Tarbela Dam by Field Martial Ayub Khan on the Indus that benefited Egypt and Pakistan. So it is wrong to say that all military governments failed to build a mega dam like Kalabagh Dam. It is only the weak governments that compromised on such major vital projects. If democratic governments fail to build such a vital dam like Kalabagh Dam, on which the whole world agrees to finance, and build and insist on only Bhasha Dam’s construction then we will all stop believing in democracy as the best kind of government.


Lahore, December 1.