The skirmishes on the Pak-India border that resulted in some casualties further took on an ominous colour with the irresponsible statement by the Indian Air Force Chief that they have a whole range of options against Pakistan. This prompted the Vice Admiral Pakistan Navy to warn that any act of provocation would be responded with force.

During the past week, India has twice opened fire as a result of which two soldiers of Pakistan army got killed. There are indeed plenty of incidents where India has resorted to unprovoked fire. That scenario should have been considered coolly and unless evidence confirming some other occurrence had come, hurling serious threats ought to have been avoided. Both the countries being nuclear powers, any show of force would have far reaching repercussions. And the horrific possibility of a post-apocalyptic South Asia would become a reality. The abrupt warning from the Indian Air Force Chief, must in all conscience, bring home to champions of bilateral peace the point that any measure aimed at appeasing New Delhi will achieve nothing unless the outstanding issues are resolved. As of now, efforts must be made to prevent further outbreak of hostilities. Both the sides must find out, how things spiralled out of control. It is essential that the dreaded eventuality of two powers confronting each other is avoided.