LAHORE - Cancer patients can be treated in minutes if detected at early stage by using modern radiological technology. Pakistan is now one of the developed countries using modern radiological technology and expert radiologists. Ultrasound is harmless as compared to x-ray technology particularly during pregnancy. Effects of good or bad feelings of mother can be watched on the baby face during pregnancy through ultrasound technology.

Theses thoughts were expressed by medical scientist Prof Dr Safdar Ali Malik, Head of Radiology Department, Services Hospital during his speech at TECH Society Club on Sunday. 

The topic of the speech was “Role of Ultrasound in Early Detection of Diseases in Male and Female Patients.” Dr Safdar said mortality rate had dropped especially in mothers and newly born babies by the effective use of radiological technology.

He claimed that a radiologist could even observe the heartbeat of an unborn child of 12 hours pregnancy through modern ultrasound equipments and techniques.

 Dr Safdar advised to male of 50 years age to get their prostate test PSA checked on yearly basis to avoid complications besides annual check up of blood sugar test CA 125, urine C/E, chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound and Hepatitis B & C for all on annual basis enabling doctors to treat disease at early stage otherwise the treatment could be very expensive or impossible. Dr. Safdar also informed engineers, doctors, professors that a surgery of 10 inch to remove pus from the lever had now reduced to 10 minutes procedure and that too without any operation with the help of latest radiology techniques.

Engr. Abdul Majeed Khan, Dr. Muhammad Sadiq and Jameel Gishkori also spoke.