ISLAMABAD – City’s main roads and streets were giving deserted looks soon after the sunset owing to either malfunctioning of street-lights or city managers’ power saving drive, whatever the reason may be, it endangers the people as anti-social elements lurk in the dark to attack at will.    

With Islamabad being open to traffic round the clock, darkness embraces people coming through various roads to the city at night. It’s a nightmare for the people doing night duties at different offices to reach homes safely.     

Many security-related incidents have been reported with people complaining about being robbed by unidentified persons, especially at nights. The situation further worsens when thick fog envelops the city as the dusk sets in, causing motorists to slow down in an apparently wilderness created by lack of proper lights on road.

When contacted, a Capital Development Authority (CDA) official said, the issue was already in notice of Authority, which intends to rectify the street-lighting system once it is done with the roads’ expansion project. If done, it would be a big sigh of relief to those who uses the Capital’s roads at night.    Besides, the residents in different areas also voice serious concerns over the non-functioning of the streetlights.

“First we thought that these lights are shut down due to power shortage, but they are permanently turned off since long,” said a resident of Sector I-10.

“We used to go out for a light walk along with kids after dinner, but now a days we stay home as there is dark in the street, which is not safe,” said another resident of Sector G-10. Most of other healthier out-door activities of youth before or after the dinner are also put on hold because of darkness. The residents have called for serious consideration to this pressing issue.

Online adds: The streetlights installed in Rawal Town area have become dysfunctional plunging several union councils into darkness and creating inconvenience for the residents.

The residents of union council 35, 34, 33, 37 and 16 complained that the out of order streetlights poses problem for them while the incidents of street crimes have also increased in their areas. Imtaiz Ahmed, a resident of the Pir Choa area complained that the streetlights have become out of order and causing road accidents. He said with advent of evening the whole area sink into darkness and cause inconvenience for transporters and residents. The residents have demanded of the TMA to repair the out of order streetlights on priority.

They demanded of the concerning authorities to put the streetlights system in order.