SIALKOT - Federal Minister for National Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the federal government would ensure its writ if the long marchers tried to sabotage law and order.

Talking to the media at Koobay Chak-Bajwat, she said that the march was an international conspiracy to make Pakistan weaker. She added that the country could bear no more adventure, saying that the long march was not the proper way to bring revolution.

She added the long march was a way to weaken the country. “There is a powerful parliament in the country to decide in the larger national interests. No one is allowed to do extra-constitutional acts for personal gains. The doors of the government are open to everyone including Dr Tahirul Qadari to have dialogues with the government,” she said.

She said that Qadari should not mix up the religion with politics. She revealed that Qadari should present his political reforms before the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Citizen Delegation:  A citizen’s delegation led by former Municipal Committee chairman Rafiq Sarhandi left for India here the other day to participate in Urs of Hazrat Mujadad Alaf Sani Sarhandi.

Toba has hundreds of families which migrated to Pakistan after partition from Sarhand Sharif in India.