KARACHI – The Jamaat-e-Islami has demanded the federal and provincial governments to step down over the ongoing lawlessness and terrorism in Quetta, Swat and Karachi.

The demand was made during a protest demonstration against the Quetta, Swat bomb blasts and targeted killings of the JI workers and leaders in Karachi. JI leaders Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, Naseem Siddiqui, Farooq Naimatullah, Mukhtiar Barkati, Barjees Ahmed, Dr Wasay Shakir and others addressed the protesting rally held at the New M A Jinnah Road on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahenti said that the government has failed to restore peace and ensure safety of the people. He further said the entire country was in a state of mourning over the Quetta and Swat blasts. He said the federal and provincial governments of Sindh and Balochistan have failed to deliver and the public doesn’t want to tolerate the ruling parties anymore.

“The government and its coalition partners have lost the right to rule, as the incidents of terror, violence and targeted killings taking place unabated.” He said the people wanted the rulers to go home without any delay, as the government has lost its writ, particularly in Karachi and Quetta.” He urged the people to stand with the Jamaat-e-Islami in order to bring peace, prosperity and justice in the country. He further said the PPP’s reconciliation policy has destroyed thousands of houses adding the government’s wrong policies have also pushed the country towards economic crises.

On the occasion, Mahenti demanded immediate arrest of the perpetrators of Quetta, Swat bomb blasts and killers of JI leaders Junaid Zahidi, Dr Pervez Mehmood, Abdur Rasheed Farooqui and Hakeem Mehmood Barkati.

Naseem Siddiqui said the elements who withdrew their support at 180 degree extend in few hours were the responsible of target killings in the city.

On the occasion, he demanded the federal and provincial governments to resign immediately over the bomb blast incidents in Quetta, Swat and targeted killings in Karachi.