ISLAMABAD  – The poor condition of passenger shelters along the city bus routes in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have added to the problems of commuters.

Most of these sheltered bus stops need urgent renovation. Hundreds of commuters use these bus stops daily. The grim reality is that there has been no effort on part of the authorities concerned either to renovate or repair the bus stops.

Atif Aslam, an intending passenger, while talking to APP on Sunday said that it was very difficult for the citizens specially for the women to wait for the transport in rain.

The citizens using public transport are forced to wait in the open, under heavy downpour in cold weather with gusty winds on the bus stops without shelters in the city, he added. Citizens said that bus stops are in dilapidated condition, failing to provide shelter to waiting passengers from the sun and rain. The benches at bus stops are also damaged and in bad condition leaving no place for commuters to sit.    

During the rains, bus stops turned into puddles of stagnant muddy water, as the people waited on the road for the transport. The authorities concerned seem least interested to give attention to the issue.

Though the authorities are doing their bit in improving public transport in the city but bus shelters is a serious issue as many of them are in bad condition.