Any impression that the pamphlet attributed to the Taliban affirming that they would, now onwards, attack only Nato forces and not Pakistani army was genuine was contradicted by the killing of 14 security forces personnel in Miranshah, North Waziristan, on Sunday. The objective might be to try to wrong-foot the army as lots of attempts in the past indicate; reneging on commitments and deals with the government has been their favourite tool of strategic deception. One can recall the Swat peace deal that soon after it was secured, the militants used to go into hiding; mainly to get the time to sneak into Afghanistan. Once released from the grip of the army, they started launching a barrage of vicious attacks. The area, vacated by the forces, was reclaimed by militants; the army later cleared it of them.

The wave of killings in parts infested with militancy rages on. The death toll from the recent wave of killings came to hundreds and the intelligence warns of more attacks. How at this juncture when this existential danger is coming under greater focus, can we allow ourselves to be duped into believing that it has suddenly died.