ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally completed work on the much-needed pedestrian bridge at Zero Point on Faisal Avenue but the users yet need a persuasion to use the facility for their own security.

Roofed by a red canopy, the stairs have already been installed and a ramp to facilitate bikers’ movement would be completed within a day or two. The CDA had awarded the contract of bridge’s installation to Heavy Mechanical Complex against Rs18 million.

As the point locates between two residential sectors of G-7 and G-8 and several government and private offices, it has massive pedestrian movement who had to cross the 10-lane Avenue risking their lives.

Even several hit-and0run incidents also took place at the point claiming pedestrians’ lives or injuring them.

But as the facility has been provided, the users are still avoiding its usage and are witnessed snaking through the speedy traffic.

Even the bikers also pose threats of any untoward happening as they opt to take U-turn from the broken median of the Avenue despite having the specified U-turn just few feet away. “The motorcyclists suddenly appear on the road from the median or even the walkway. In such case, the drivers have to suddenly turn the vehicle aside that could even hit another one.

Earlier, a pedestrian bridge was installed at College Stop near I-8 intersection as the bridge surrounds the federal colleges involving heavy movement of students. The official data of Islamabad Police reveals that almost two to three hit-and-run incidents take place in the federal capital a day that sometime also claim pedestrians’ lives.