An article titled ‘Legislators shy away from honouring Aitzaz Hasan’ truly shows the true face of our politicians and their cowardice. Young Aitzaz despite seeing the danger to his life, decided to act and lunged forward to stop the suicide attacker who was there to blow up the entire school building along with the children.

It seems the provincial assembly is even afraid to acknowledge the bravery of this son of the soil lest the terrorists should turn against them and start targeting them. Unlike this brave son of Pakistan, they are concerned about saving their own lives only. These are the same people who have won the elections with the slogan of ‘change’ and ‘tsunami’ headed by their leader Imran Khan. Where has the tsunami gone, where do they think change will come from?

One needs courage to change things, as much courage as Aitzaz had shown when he sacrificed his life. His bravery has given us hope which those legislators have destroyed immediately.

Ali Ashraf Khan,

Karachi, Janaury 12.