Few days back Ch Shujjat Hussain gave a statement that Musharraf is not a (traitor) ghadaar but a wafaadar. many are speculating that this statement means something new is in offing to get the old spring like days back but I think he gave this statement implying that doubting Musharraf is just like doubting the credibility of the whole army and if Musharraf had believed that he was wrong he would never have returned to Pakistan in the first place to avoid the cases against him which proves his innocence. Why his case is under the jurisdiction of a civilian court when he is an army personal who should be tried in a military court is beyond my understanding?

I heard Musharraf did a lot to stabilize Pakistan when he was in power; he had frozen the dollar rate to stabilize the economy and halt the inflation. Why can’t the present elected, democratic government do anything to stop inflation and devaluation of our rupee? Sometimes I wonder if we should not use terms like  ‘military dictator’ instead we should call them ‘military leader’ just like the term civilian leader and if you look back at the time of the so-called dictators Pakistan fared much better than under elected governments. There was an industrial booming during the era of President Ayub Khan, if we compare Zardari government to Musharraf, we were better off!


Lahore, January 12.