WAH CANTT - The expected postponement of the local government elections has disappointed thousands of candidates who have lost vigour and enthusiasm regarding electioneering, as candidates have started rolling up their election offices and suspending election activities.
The election candidates are worried over spending on their campaigns, as an indefinite delay in the conduct of local government elections in Punjab province is on the cards. An interesting feature of the matter will be the filing of nominations by nearly 2,000 candidates , who are still clueless of the exact time of the electoral test. As lurking uncertainty over the future of polls , candidates contesting for local bodies’ elections tangled some candidates into abyss of troubles who initiated their poll related activities some three months back. It has been observed that amidst deepening uncertainty over the fate of local bodies’ elections the local leadership is also in a limbo after the SC, ECP instructions and NA resolution and they have also distanced themselves from the issues related for the LG elections and they restricted their activities to other political activities and their houses once packed with the people are seen now filled with empty chairs.
The situation has somewhat dampened the hopes of the candidates from every party, particularly those who had to be awarded tickets from the ruling PML-N and its strong rival PTI in Taxila and Wah Cantt where neck-on-neck contest between to arch rivals is likely in the upcoming LG polls . They are much disappointed over the delay because they were hopeful of being perched in the office of chairman and vice-chairman at different tiers of the local bodies system. But their hopes have been dashed to the ground. Equally dismayed are the candidates from PTI and PML-N, as they had started their campaign with a tremendous pomp. In this rigid chilly condition in the area, the candidates have already spent much on their supporters and voters, in addition to paying immensely for posters, billboards, flexes, banners and pamphlets, etc.
Malik Mohammad Pervaiz, a candidate for UC chairman, said the election date should not be extended. A general councillor candidate, Hamyun Butt has said that the elections must be held on January 30 for devolution of power at lower level. He said it is the basic right which rulers had been denying for the last six years.
PTI MPA from Taxila, Muhammad Sadeeq Khan who also served as Tehsil Nazim for 10 years, has said the incumbent government was not sincere to holding LG elections and using different tactics to delay the same. He said that depriving the citizens of local governments amounted to violation of basic human rights. He urged the government to hold the elections as per schedule.