LAHORE: Rehabilitation of drug addicts is impossible without the moral and physical support of the victims’ family , said renowned addiction psychiatrist Dr Sadaqat Ali while addressing a gathering of psychiatrists, doctors and patients at Willing Ways, a facility for counseling.
Dr Sadaqat informed the gathering that just because of drug addiction, about 200 families are ruined daily in Pakistan. He said, “Even after 35-year experience, I believes that just family members can bring a patient back to the normal life,” adding that 77 per cent of the patients reach rehab centre through their family members or friends.
Dr Sadaqat said that drugs, alcohol and other sources of addictions destroy the life of a man and just the healthy-minded people around him can save his life.–PR
He said every patient does not need to get admitted in the rehab centre and even new addicts don’t need of cure as he/her can get rid of the addiction by the family members’ counselling. Patients with old habit have to get admitted in the outdoor facilities and only doctors can stimulate desire of cure in a patient.
He said that the alcohol produces chloroform in blood but this is removed from almost 90 per cent of patients and in 10 per cent patients, chloroform remains in blood permanently and becomes the part of victim’s genes. He said if once chloroform becomes a part of genes, the patient cannot get rid of addiction with only willpower. He said if one of the parents is addict, this habit can deliver to their children through genes and most of the addicts ignore this fact.