The government of Sind has announced one-step promotion to all officials of the CID police. This act of the government of Sind is highly admirable and praise worthy. Certainly this action would add a lot to the courage and determination of those who have devoted their lives for the peace and security of their motherland. Living in a fool’s paradise are those who think that the brutal and cowardly murder of Chaudhry Aslam, the SP CID Karachi, would mar Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and that his murder would frighten all those who are a part of this war against brutality. In my opinion the sacred blood of Chaudhry Aslam would add a new colour of courage, determination and bravery to the picture.

Pakistan is a land of miraculously marvelous people enriched with sincere patriotic passions. We have a brilliant past and a shining present with reference to the struggle against terrorism and certainly our future would also be exemplary in the same context. The terrorist , at present, might be feeling that they are successful in spreading an air of fear and insecurity in the country but soon they would realize they are mistaken in their assessment.

Pakistani nation is determined to defeat the menace of terrorism with the help of its unbeatable security forces. Chaudhry Aslam was not just a police officer; he was a symbol of courage, determination and patriotism, and surely we have countless other symbols of the same brilliance. The nation is proud of its assets like  Chaudhry Aslam and Aitzaz Hussain. It is true that Pakistan is at present passing through the hardest period of its history. It seems very difficult to decide what the most serious problem of today’s Pakistan is. From the menace of terrorism to the fiend of ethnic and sectarian divide, the list of the challenges faced by Pakistan is very long but the nation is determined to defeat all these challenges. It is the most important need of the time that our media and particularly our teachers should try to add more strength to this determination against the menace of terrorism.

I am sure that Pakistan like a phoenix will rise out of the flames of these hard times and soar high in the sky once again. We all believe in Pakistan and its greatness all we need is a common platform and we will show how strong we are once again in recapturing our past glory. This country should be become a jungle were it is survival of the fittest but a state to be proud of where it should be life for all!


Multan, January 12.