As the population is increasing so are the buildings and housing schemes in the Karachi city. Very soon it would be very difficult to find an empty land. Big cities of world like London, Italy and many other, are now encouraging the idea of small builds which are sustainable yet they provide the luxury of 21st century. The container city in London is an example of smart builds. Its fully build out of the reusable shipping container which provides a cost effective and sustainable living.

But in Pakistan, we are still living with the idea that a home defines how rich or poor the person is. Buildings are creeping up day by day and living space is diminishing and most large commercially built building lie vacant as they are not planned better. The people in general lack the smart ability of using less space with best outcome. With illiterate architects and planners taking over, a section that should be led by trained and educated engineers and architects we are making a mess of large cities which have no planning. Living conditions instead of improving have become appalling.


Karachi, December 24.