In a country where there is no check and police is for sale, including all government organizations we have thousands of fake immigration and educational consultants. These unscrupulous agents advertise in local newspapers and publicize through advertisements to run their campaigns. Taking advantage young students who desire to go abroad, pseudo immigration consultants, show green pastures to these students and job seekers. In wanting a better future, non eligible applicants, with the assistance of fraudulent agents, create fake documents and submit false credentials. Unlicensed consultants charge hefty amounts to send people abroad illegally, many such candidates end up losing money and those who somehow managed to cross the finish line are caught later and deported.

People who approach unlicensed immigration consultants don’t consider that their misrepresentations and deceit not only earn a bad name for their country but also raise hurdles for eligible applicants. I appeal to the authorities to check and close such illegal immigration mafia and lay down laws for mandatory registration of immigration consultants.


Karachi, January 9.