The LB elections in Karachi have been very revealing. The thin veneer of neutrality of the media houses in Karachi gave way to the euphoria of the anchor persons on the landslide victory of MQM. They were unable to hide their joy and were so ecstatic as if it was their own victory. This bias can also be read between the lines in all talk shows where the anchor persons, try as they might to remain neutral, fail to do so in most cases.

A comparison can be made with the US media which is so openly pro Israel that no politician can ‘speak up’ and yet get elected to the Senate or the House.

No concern was shown as to what effect this lopsided election result might have on the ongoing Operation, and will peace in Karachi remain a mirage.

My concern is that the flight of the ‘Kite’ may not augment the hubris of the educated and the cultured.


Lahore, December 7.