Islamabad - The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in 16 operations carried out against drug trafficking in different parts of the country seized 23-kg heroin, 10-kg ice, 68-kg hashish and 200 grams opium, ANF officials said yesterday.

They also arrested 20 persons on drug charges and impounded 4 vehicles. The worth of the seized drugs in international market is Rs 337.8 million. According to details, ANF Rawalpindi airport team detained a passenger named Muhammad Basharat, resident of Gujrat, at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, who intended to proceed for Madrid (Spain) by Emirates Airline flight number EY234 and recovered 5.4-kg heroin concealed in his passenger bag.

The ANF Rawalpindi airport team during routine checking at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, arrested an accused named Anwar Ali, hailing from Swat, and recovered 500 grams ice concealed in his bag. The accused was scheduled to fly for Jeddah by Saudi Airlines flight number SV-721.

The ANF Rawalpindi Airport Team at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, arrested another accused namely Muhammad Imran, resident of Khushab, and recovered 1.3-kg ice concealed in his bag. The accused was intending to fly for Doha by Qatar Airlines flight number QR-633.

The ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a UK-bound parcel containing curtains at a courier service office, Dina, and recovered 500 grams heroin concealed inside the curtains. After initial investigations, the sender of the parcel named Aqeel Aslam, resident of Gujrat, was also arrested.

The ANF Rawalpindi arrested an accused identified as Zubair Khan, resident of Peshawar, near Chakwal Morr, Main GT Road, Sohawa, and recovered 1.2-kg hashish. The ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a motorcycle near Dar-ul-Islam Colony, Attock, and arrested one Ateeq Ali, resident of Peshawar, along with 1.2-kg hashish. The ANF Rawalpindi road check team arrested one Javed Iqbal, resident of Mandi Bahauddin, from Dina, Jhelum, and recovered 1.2-kg hashish and 200 grams opium from his possession. The ANF Rawalpindi arrested Noor Muhammad, resident of Peshawar, from Sohawa and recovered 3-kg hashish from his possession. According to information, the accused is involved in carrying drugs from KP to Punjab for local consumption.

ANF Lahore Airport Team arrested a lady named Naseem Bibi accompanied by his husband Muhammad Bashir, resident of Sargodha, from Faisalabad Airport and recovered 8-kg amphetamine (ice) concealed in 2 briefcases. The accused intended to fly for Jeddah. All cases have been registered at respective ANF police stations and further investigation is underway, ANF officials added.