LAHORE: Law Society secretary Intazar Mahdi has said that Pemra laws need to be amended immediately, says a press release. He was addressing a meeting of the Research & Training Wing of the Society. Pemra, is replete with examples where firstly, the laws, rules, regulations, and procedures applicable thereto are self-contradictory and archaic, further more their dispensation is also practiced in a discriminatory and injudicious manner, he added.

He said: “The right to forfeiture once vested completely and unbridled in an organization, tends to promote corrupt practices and blackmailing.” “We all remember what happened to the affectees of the famous Cooperatives Scandal especially when it came to the application of interest. The result was horrendous. Secondly, one can understand where forfeiture is let’s say up to 5% of the total amount but when it comes to 100%, it is utter exploitation and expropriation. Such acts, apart from being illegal and unconstitutional, not only promote the chances of corruption and blackmailing but also hamper the advancement of business initiatives.”–Staff Reporter