LAHORE: As part of the anti-radicalisation/extremism campaign to engage youth in a dialogue, Renaissance by Social Innovation (RECIP) series of Mashal-e-Rah events held a dialogue session at IT University Arfa Kareem Software Technology Park Lahore with Dr Khalid Zaheer (noted Islamic scholar) answering the moderators and students questions, says a press release.

The aim of Mashal-e-Rah events in educational institutions is to expand individual strengths and virtues to benefit citizens of Pakistan divided along sectarianism, ethnic and other lines. Extremism in the name of religion, political and ethnic conflicts have become the main cause of social disorder and it is high time to overcome our differences and save our coming generations.

Dr Khalid Zaheer challenges the orthodox and ultra-orthodox mind sets by emphasizing the need to look at the narrative we are presented with which distorts and corrupts our mindset, not blindly but in the background of history and the event that led to the “wahi” and that which the Prophet (PBUH) said, which are passed to us in the Quran and the Hadiths.–PR

The dialogue was in the form of questions answers with Dr Khalid Zaheer moderated by Sidra Rafique (Scholar in Religious Philosophy and Vice President Renaissance by Social Innovation, Pakistan).

Dr Khalid further said that sectarianism has several causes which are mentioned in the Quran. We must beware of individuals who are revered to such an extent that whatever they said or did is often considered to be the final word even when it is not in the good of the people.