LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that every conceivable step will be taken to provide clean water to the people of Punjab along with the assistance of international companies in water sector which is highly desired and encouraged.

The chief minister expressed this while addressing the participants of concluding session of two-day International Consultative Seminar on “Clean Water Project for Rural Area”.

The seminar was attended not only by national concerned authorities of water sector but also experts from China, France, Turkey, Australia, Europe and Middle-East, who shared their input to finalise the steps needed to pace up clean water project.

The chief minister expressed his joy for the expert opinions being received in the consultative session and said that a comprehended roadmap to be devised soon in the light of those recommendations which will lead us to the successful execution of this project.

He said that in order to compensate the time wasted before, there is a dire need of flawless policy for the project and Government of Punjab which is using national resources in this welfare project has added Technology transfer which will helpful for capacity building of national companies.

Shehbaz Sharif commending the organiSation of international seminar for rural water project and beneficial suggestions received therein, said that he himself will monitor this project as this is a national cause. Measurements for speedy completion of project will be implemented and we will mend our ways in the light of previous learnt lessons, also will make best use of skills and expertise of international water sector companies to provide clean water to our public and meet their expectations, he vowed.

The chief minister requested international companies of water sector to come forward and cooperate with Punjab government in this public welfare project and added that complete security and all out facilities will be provided to them. He said a lot of time has been wasted and now we have to look forward for completion of the Saaf Pani Programme using professional approach.

“We need modern technology and latest technology will be transferred with the implementation of Saaf Pani Programme,” he added. Replying to the questions of the participants, Shehbaz Sharif said that old process of the programme has been cancelled and new one is being started for forwarding this mega public welfare project in a transparent manner.

Answering to another question, the chief minister said that this programme will result in generation of thousands of job opportunities and we need not such technology as cannot generate new opportunities of employment. He said that such programmes prove to be helpful in empowering the youth and providing them jobs. He said that a complete report should be prepared with regard to proceedings of the seminar and it will be shared with the participants.

He said that we have started moving towards our goal which will be achieved at all costs. He said that this programme will have to be forwarded through innovative, high standard and lasting steps by using latest technology so that potable water could be provided to the people of the province and they can be saved from diseases spreading through polluted water.

Later, heads and senior officials of prominent international and local companies of water sector called on Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif at a local hotel.

The chief minister said that two-day international seminar, held at Lahore will help evolve a clear roadmap of Saaf Pani Programme. He said that international and local experts and engineers have given solid and comprehensive proposals in the seminar and it is most successful seminar. He said that provision of clean drinking water to the people is mission of the government, for which, the goal has been determined and we have to achieve it speedily.

He said that a number of mistakes were committed regarding Saaf Pani Programme in the past and now there is no room for any fault. He said that we will learn from mistakes and move forward. Shehbaz Sharif said he is sure that sincere efforts of the government will become successful. He said that this programme will be implemented with determination, honesty and hard work. He said that after the success of Saaf Pani Programme we will again succeed through the support of the people.

He hosted a luncheon in the honor of heads and senior officers of local and foreign companies. Consul General of Turkey Serdar Deniz, Provincial Ministers, Chief Secretary, consultants, engineers and experts of water sector companies were also present on the occasion.

Earlier, heads of all the four groups apprised of the consultation made with regard to Saaf Pani Programme while Chairman P&D informed about complete proceedings of the seminar. The chief minister and Chairman P&D also replied to the questions of the participants of the seminar.