“Makeup is an art.” Well surely it is! Ravishing makeup is all what people actually see at a party or wedding. Smoky eyes... matt lipstick... lavish mascara... Surely all of this take sample amount of time to get your eyebrows on fleek. The guilt of spending a huge amount of money on the foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone is additional. Getting a perfect winged liner on both eyes and concealing dark circles may seem to be an easy job, but believe me... it’s not! Here are some things every makeup addict, or makeup addict on the docket, can relate to.

Those YouTube makeup tutorials are not easy to carry out

Makeup tutorials seem to be very satisfying at times. The ease with which these instructors apply base and other cosmetics is convincing to such an extent that no one can keep hands off the makeup kit. But trust me, when you take out your brushes and eye shadow palettes to try the smoky eye, it is not a piece of cake. The end result can either turn out to be the perfect smoky eye or a ‘panda’ eye; there is no in between.

Praying to get the same makeup on both eyes

Blended your eye shadow? Applied the winged liner across one eyelid? Great! But what about the other eye? All those makeup tutorials show how professionally the lady did her makeup, but only on one eye! You just pray while doing the makeup on the second eye that it magically turns out to be the same as the first one. Whether this happens or not depends sheerly on luck.

Making sure that your face does not resemble a bag of flour

Weddings require extensive makeup than usual, because (obviously!) everyone wants to look gorgeous in pictures taken by professional photographers. After all, the whole game is about dresses and make over! However, too much face powder can sometimes give undesirable results. You have to, therefore, make sure that your face looks glamorous but in a somewhat natural and reasonable way. And yes! Please avoid neglecting the line that emerges between your face and neck due to overwhelming patch-work on face. Blend it!

Putting on mascara is a risky business

Apart from liner and eye shadows, mascara really enhances out your eye. Nonetheless, sneeze remembers you only when you have just applied the mascara. All the hard work you did to conceal those dark circles can go to waste within seconds. But try to squeeze your nose and stop the sneeze, girls! Sneeze can wait but a party cannot.

Finding the right lipstick

This magical tool, my friends, is a thing which can totally change your look. Nude lipstick can give you a ‘no makeup’ appearance while any shade of red possesses the ability to give you the ultimate killer look. So this is the most important decision to make. Hence you must to look for a shade that matches your dress and your overall personality.

When you are finally ready to go!

Yes makeup is a game of patience but all the hard work does pay off. If done correctly, it can make you look absolutely stunning. But do not get disheartened if you are unable to achieve the high aims. All those perfect winged liners are a result of loads of practice. So keep calm and stay confident!

But beware of all the judgmental people...

People are habitual of opining about one thing or another. They will criticize your makeup no matter what. These judgmental aunties will continue judging your beauty by the amount of makeup you apply, but take my advice and ignore it. Makeup is not a negative thing at all. It makes you look beautiful and confident. So keep rocking every party!