SAMBRIAL-Encroachments at main stop on Wazirabad Road have become the reason behind traffic bottlenecks in the area, calling into question the performance of the TMA and traffic police.

During a survey, locals of the area told this correspondent that abundance of illegally parked rickshaws, hand-push carts and fruit vendors are the main reason behind traffic mess on the road.

They regretted that the TMA does not seem serious to remove encroachments to address the problem on a permanent basis. Though the encroachers lift their stalls and vehicles with arrival of the TMA staff, they return immediately with departure of the staffers, they informed. They said that the encroachments have not only given rise to frequent mess on the road but also have made difficult for pedestrians to pass through the area.

They demanded the Sialkot DCO to order the TMA for a permanent solution to the problem.