HYDERABAD - Workers of the Sindh National Tehreek (SNT) on Friday urged the United Nations (UN) and the World Bank (WB) to take notice of violations committed by the Indian government with regard to the Indus Basin Treaty and warned these violations could trigger war between Pakistan and India.

They made these remarks during a rally outside the press club here. The participants protested against policies of the Indian government and burnt Indian flags.

Protesters’ representative Ashraf Noonari criticised the Indian ruling party for violating the water treaty and said it could create unrest in the region and the world. By building a dam on the River Indus, he said, the Indian government wanted to create scarcity of water in Pakistan and inflict colossal agricultural losses on it. He said that an attempt to stop water from Indian side could harm agriculture and create a famine-like situation in Pakistan.

He said that millions of people of Sindh were ready to sacrifice if India resorted to any such move as it was an issue of survival for them.

SNT central leaders Lala Qurban Sodro, Dr Mir Allah Dad Talpur, Najeeb Ahmed Thebo, Dr Uzma Jokhio, Akhtar Sindhi, Jhangi Mallah and a large number of women of Hindu community attended the rally.