Pakistan has expressed the desire to strengthen its bilateral relations with new administration of the United States.

These views were expressed by the Pakistan's Ambassador to US, Jalil Abbas Jilani during a luncheon in the honor of US Media in Washington.

He said Pakistan had initiated an unprecedented war against terrorism and achieved vital success. He said Pakistan and the United States have enjoyed good relations during the Obama administration and hopefully these relations will be promoted under the new administration.

Jalil Abbas Jilani said Pakistan's economy has improved almost seventy percent due to its effective efforts against terrorism. He expressed hope that the new US administration will give decision in favour of Pakistan when reviews coalition support fund and F-16 matters.

He said that Pakistan launched a historic campaign against terrorism and the new US administration is fully aware of the obstacles Islamabad is facing to counter terrorism. He said that Pakistani economy has been improved by 70 per cent due to improving law and order situation in the country.

Jalil Abbas said that Pakistan wants to work closely with Trump administration in war against terrorism which will eventually promote Pak-US relations. He further said that no Islamic State network exists in Pakistan.

Referring Pak-India relations, he said Pakistan wants to resolve all out-standing issues with New Delhi through meaningful dialogue.

He said India has applied for the impartial expert to sort out differences on Indus Water Treaty, however, Pakistan wants a team of technical and experts to resolve the issue.

The official also said that World Bank should play its administrative role in Indus Waters Treaty between Pakistan and India and added that Islamabad wanted peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues with New Delhi.

It is relevant to mention that Donald Trump would be taking oath of his office on January 20 and he is expected to amaze the international world.