DERA GHAZ KHAN-The PTI has announced to hold a public gathering at Stadium Ground on January 15.

The district government has refused to allow the party to hold the public meeting at the ground of Ghazi University. PTI South Punjab president Ishaq Khan Khakwani visited Dera Ghazi Khan to review the arrangements who. He was also accompanied by former MNA Sardar Mohammad Saifuddin Khan Khosa, Ahmed Ali Khan Dareshak, Sardar Aatif Dareshak, Malik Iqbal Saqib, Dr Shaheena Najeeb Khosa and other office-bearers.

Khakwani said that the party's local leadership had filed the application to the deputy commissioner on January 3 for the permission of the procession but after nine days it has turned down the request.

He claimed that it would be the historical public meeting as the masses from all the four districts would participate in it. The office-bearers also said that the banners and the posters displayed to welcome the leaders have been removed by their political opponents.