MULTAN-Chairman Farmers Associate Pakistan (FAP) Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi yesterday warned the government to restore subsidy on fertilizers within 48 hours, otherwise the farmers will be forced to take to the roads across the country.

Talking to the journalists here, he said that the farmers and PTI would announce their future line of action in PTI's upcoming public meeting in Dera Ghazi Khan on January 15. He said that the farmers across the country were highly concerned on government's decision to withdraw the subsidy. "The production cost of crops will go very high due to the withdrawal of subsidy. It has badly affected the wheat sowing too," he maintained. He said that the farmers were already crushed by the price hike and their crops delivered them massive financial losses. "They are forced to sell out their livestock and other valuables to meet the expenses and losses and this act of government will prove last straw on the back of already drowning farmers," he declared.

Mr Qureshi disclosed that he was in contact with the farmers and their representative bodies from across the country on this issue. "They all have a unanimous decision that if the subsidy is not restored within 48 hours, the farmers will be on roads across the country."