LAHORE - SNGPL Lahore zone General Manager Qaiser Masood has claimed that gas theft and line losses have witnessed a major decrease in current fiscal year.

Talking to journalists at Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Lahore office yesterday, he said UFG losses reduced by 825 MMCF which is 1.34 percent less than the previous year.

“The company has saved Rs 270 million by controlling the line losses. 372 successful raids were conducted to check gas theft during the year,” he said.

He said the SNGPL took action against 60 consumers who were using fake meters and action was taken against 42 consumers for unauthorised extension cases.

During these raids 86 FIRs were lodged against gas pilferers. Volume booked to consumers against theft is 146 MMCF amounting to Rs 50 million (67 percent more than previous year), which show our increased efforts in curbing gas pilferage.

Similarly, non consumer cases have also been detected and volume of 248  MMCF has been booked against these and cases have been registered against them.

“We are currently given a target to provide 77,000 No of new domestic connections, during the 2016-17 out of which 30,000 gas connections have been provided. In addition, around 7,000 gas connections have been provided against urgent fee,” Qaiser said.

He said company is working on 15 sites in Lahore to improve the pressure of gas with the cost of Rs 195.88 million. The up-gradation work will be expected to complete in a month.  

He said Lahore is the biggest region of SNGPL with 18,500km distribution network with 997, 912 consumers distributing gas in Lahore & Kasur.

He said Lahore region was getting 200-205 MMCF daily which was 15-20 MMCF daily more than previous year and it contributed a lot in reducing low gas pressure complaints during the winter season.

“For Lahore Region, total around 320 MMCF daily input is being received which is sufficient to cater for consumers needs. Low pressure complaints are resulted mostly due to the fact that  immediately after increase in chill weather, occasional peak consumption is caused due to sudden increased use of geysers and heaters,” he said.

The situation is further affected due to illegal use of gas compressors by some consumers which causes low pressure situation in the neighbouring consumers. We have expedited disconnections against use of gas compressors and have disconnected more than 250 consumers for compressor use. 

Company has launched extensive media campaign to discourage illegal use of compressors and to impart awareness regarding energy conservation thru use of conical baffles, geyser timing device and Solar water heaters.

“We have constituted special teams for serving the consumer complaints regarding low gas pressure during peak winter season including 8 survey teams, 68 Customer Service Teams, 18 Maintenance teams ( for Looping, Redrilling & Dewatering).  We have installed 5 No TBSs to improve gas pressure in localities including Rehman Pura, Friends Colony & Anwar Colny, Bastami Road, Jinnah Colony Nawan Kot, Riwaz Garden, Nawab Pura Kacha Ranwan Road while TBS at Amir Road has been upgraded from 150 to 300 MCF/Hr.”

During the year 2016, we have attended a total of 216,561 consumer complaints including 95,722 leakage complaints and 53,817 gas stop & low pressure related complaints, he said.